Felix Christopher Gomes
Warrington, PA

Camera/Equipment: Nikon D50, Wide assortment of lenses
Interests: Photography, Fish Keeping, Computers

I started investigating photography as a hobby, in all truth, when I needed one more credit to graduate from high school! I looked at the available courses and saw photography. I thought it ould be a breeze and signed up! In that class, I learned how to adjust settings on a camera, take an interesting photo and develop the film in the darkroom.

It was also during that class that I learned that I liked taking pictures of people and places as they are. In other words, with all their "warts” and imperfections. I can’t say I was hooked on photography at that time but photography was definitely in me from then on. It was only three years ago, when my girlfriend Jan bought me a Nikon D50, that my passion emerged. I started off shooting nature shots, mostly birds and the deer in my back yard.

And then I discovered Philadelphia! I was born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island and moved to the Bronx at age 35. To me, New York City was a dirty and dangerous place. That perception remained unchanged through my 9 ½ years in The “boogey-down” Bronx. When I moved to Pennsylvania in 2005, I thought I’d woken up in paradise. Every aspect of this state suits me to a tee and I am quite sure that I will live here for the remainder of my days.  I finally had the opportunity to get into Philadelphia, where I discovered a city with everything that, to me, New York City lacked and I became determined to chronicle it all in photos! From the homelessness to the historic district, I found and still find fascination with “The City of Brotherly Love”!

I do try not to pigeonhole myself into exclusively “street-shooting” because nature, to me, is a religious experience. No photo, painting or re-creation can fully capture the beauty that the Goddess has placed here for us. My goal, when shooting nature shots, is to try and give myself and those who view my photos a reminder of all that is around them and to encourage those that view my photos to get out and see the real thing. My goal, when shooting on the streets is to try and remind everyone that there is a world of hurt and pain out there that we all have the ability to relieve if we really try. Last year, I did a “15 Minutes of fame” presentation for the CPC that focused exclusively on homelessness. That, I suppose, is the most powerful section of my street shooting but it is only a section.

I try, with my camera, to capture life, love, pain and happiness. The successful photographer, in my view, relays not just painting in light but emotion.

Felix C. Gomes

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