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Alan J. Micklin
Bensalem, PA

Camera/Equipment: Nikon
Email: amicklin1@verizon.net

Interests: Photojournalism, portraiture, macro, wildlife, nature, still life, covered bridges, old historic buildings. Recently converted an old D70 to Infrared and exploring high dynamic range photography.

From the time we are born and begin to see, we realize the beauty that surrounds us.  We all see effects and objects in different ways as we project them in our minds. As a child I loved viewing the heavens, the landscapes, flowers, insects, and just viewing life as it blossomed before me, be it man made or by Mother Nature herself.

My uncle introduced me to photography as a child. Starting out with a very simple camera, a darkroom with a few trays and making contact prints from a light box which my father had made. I still have it today.  What an incredible thing, capturing what sight has given onto a piece of film and transferring it onto paper. Amazing!

As time progressed and did I, finding more of photography than could be imagined. My father taking me to Ritz camera in Center City Philadlephia with a friend of his that shot for a newspaper, picking up my first twin lens reflex. Wow, life was good.  With this I have taken this visual art with me all my life, beginning with everything and anything, my younger sister being my human guinea pig model. As years passed I gound myself intrigued with action photography as well and became the photographer for the school newspaper.

Interests grew even greater and I got a part-time job in a local studio. The excitement goes on, portrait photography and working with some great equipment. Speed Graphic 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 - this was a great experience. My schooling continued in this field, where I shot photo journalism and hold a degree in photography along with many schools of photographic manufacturers, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Hasselblad, Boitlander, Leica, Mamiya, Rolli, to name a few.  I love shooting medium format and have recently added digital about 3 years ago.  Every day is an experience.

I have entered and won many contests and exhibits and judged them as well. I have found the beauty of the picture you see and capture is a fulfillment to yourself and sharing this with others is rewarding, but have learned everyone's eyes see things differently.  Many shots I have taken are not seen in a similar manner.

I recently became a member of the Churchville Photo Club, thanks to a suggestiion from my sister. I have enjoyed it very much.

I look at photography as an opening into another realm, admiration, and composure. Creating art, using light through a lens. So I learned, enjoy what you shoot, it is an extension of your being. See with your eyes, compose with your mind and shoot with your heart. Now press that shutter release and enoy the moment.

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