Jan Goltz
This month's Member Spotlight
Jan Goltz
Warrington, PA

Hobbies:  photography, classical music, tropical fish, pets, birding and nature walking

Equipment:  Nikon D200

Photographic Interests:  nature, macro, still life/studio “set ups”, humor
I am a musician by nature and training, and music has been my creative outlet for as long as I can remember.  The visual arts were something I always admired and respected, but only as an appreciative observer.  I became an avid aquarist several years ago, and I wanted to share photos of my fish and their homes with fellow hobbyists. I became frustrated with taking hundreds of really (really!!) bad photos of my fish tanks, and decided to enroll in a beginners’ photography class. I purchased my first 35 mm SLR, learned what on earth an “F stop” was, and was blown away by a creative and emotional outlet I had no idea existed.

To say that I’ve become an “obsessed amateur” would be quite accurate.  I love photographing animals and nature, and I am quite attracted to eye-popping color and patterns.  I have way too much fun setting up shots of food, toys, and other silly objects, and learning as I go through trial and error.  As an active Flickr member, I enjoy scavenger hunts, photo challenges, and online photo sharing.   I can’t see myself ever becoming a portrait or wedding photographer, as I want photography to always be a source of fun and spontaneity for me.  And maybe, some day,  I'll finally get those darned fish to cooperate and I’ll get some decent tank shots!

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