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Joe Connett

I had a lighthearted interest in photography at age 18 with my first Polaroid camera. The idea of snapping a shot then seeing the results almost immediately was very cool - sort of like today’s cameras. Somewhere along the line I received a 35mm camera as a birthday gift along with an attachable flash. I used this camera at every family function and I recall becoming the official photographer of any and all events. I kept it in “Auto” mode and shot away. Needless to say this became very boring so I would venture outside of that little “A” setting just to see what would happen. Sure enough, after waiting for about a week to get those images in the mail from Clarke Labs, my photos would be over exposed/under exposed, half flash/half black, and I never understood the reasons. So back to Auto, where I was assured of a good image – well, at least a viewable one if nothing else.

I can recall many times observing light and how it affected surfaces: the shadows would get long during sunset, watching the sky turning such beautiful colors, etc. I would look through magazines with amazement and wonder how those pictures were possible.

So I guess you can say I was a newly forming student before I knew there was a subject. As the years went by I began to dread being the only one with a camera and I began to conveniently forget to bring it to the family functions, only to be scolded by the group. The family never knew the frustrations I endured when the shots were not what I was after. They would praise me and say how much they liked the images, but deep inside I knew they were horrible. It just drove me crazy.

Fast forward to 1998; I pulled that very same 35mm camera out one day and signed up at my local community college where they offered a basic course in Black & White photography along with film/print development, and that is when the light bulb went on over my head. My instructor made sure that before the semester ended I would have a thorough understanding of F-stops, shutter speeds and ISOs. He was very knowledgeable and stressed how important they are in photography.

I love this medium very much but still struggle to find my niche. I think I’m close because I have continuing thoughts about one area so we will have to see how that develops (no pun intended).

Now I shoot digital; my Nikon D-700 and I are on the prowl. I still have my film cameras and will never part with them. Sometimes I go back and use those manual devices, and they are still teaching me how to be patient and see the light.

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