John Styner -  Levittown, PA
Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art

As a lifelong resident of Levittown PA and the surrounding area, I started taking pictures when I took a photography class that was required to obtain a BFA in Communication Design at Kutztown University in 1981.

Earning a living as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in Central New Jersey advertising agencies for over 25 years I’ve developed a working sense of design that was transferred to photography when I purchased a Nikon CoolPix 990 in 2000.  I took that camera with me everywhere I went.  I wore three of them out, as there was always a discarded 990 at every advertising agency I worked.

I began to get serious in 2008 when I bought a Nikon D-80 and started using a tripod and polarizing filter.  I would wake up before the sun, get that good light and photograph landscapes, nature and anything that has interesting shapes or colors in Bucks County, the New Jersey Pine Barrens and occasionally on vacation in other parts of the country.  When the good light goes away in late morning I search for reptiles and amphibians to photograph.

Sometimes I ignore the subject, but concentrate on what it is doing visually with shape, color and texture.  I try to utilize my design experience in my photos preferring my images to be clean, minimalistic and saturated with color.

I began to gain exposure for my photography in late 2010 and my work is currently on display at Jadas Art Vision Gallery, Robbinsville NJ; The Upstairs Gallery, Peddler’s Village, Lahaska PA; and in July 2011 The River Queen Gallery, Lambertville NJ.

I recently purchased a 17 inch Epson to do my own printing.

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