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Jocelyn Canfield

I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager, but my passion for photography was re-ignited with the onset of the digital age. I was a fairly early adopter to digital. It was  2002 when I got my first digital camera because of the advances made in zoom and pixel technology with the release of the Nikon 5700. (Before that camera, the technology simply wasn’t adequate and affordable.)

I attended several photo workshops in the early 2000s and was typically the only one shooting digital. Because I was a graphic designer, though, I already had comfort with computers and Photoshop and I instantly realized how much better digital workflow is. I have never missed scanning prints or slides. Nor do I miss adding to the large shoebox collection of negatives and prints.

My biggest challenge with digital is managing and organizing the volume of images that I take. For this profile, I had to restrict my search for pictures to the last two years, which is when I started creating a folder of favorite images at the end of each year. Pictures shared at club meetings are always my most recent, not necessarily my best. Contest entries are always from the past year. Going back into the archives of 200K images is a monumental task and I am starting to work on that project so that I actually have a COMPLETE folder of my absolute favorites rather than just those I can put my hands on.

Up until the past two years or so, I was primarily a vacation and nature shooter…and of course my kids. I started stepping outside my comfort zone and photographing people…and now I shoot more people than anything and have developed a very small portrait business and continue to work with other photographers on large scale corporate work. But my preference is still nature, macro and travel images. I have a particular passion for trees and flowers.

I have yet to build out the galleries at my website with my more artistic images, as I have been working to showcase the portrait and corporate work. Please consider visiting my website at where you will find photography and graphic design samples.

In my heart I feel I have bigger projects ahead with my photography. We are absolutely in the heyday of photography but unfortunately I feel so much work is becoming clichéd  .... techniques themselves have become clichéd.  I struggle to be original in my vision when so much has already been done.

Since the discovery of the work of the late Vivian Maier I have felt a commitment to leave a meaningful and organized photographic legacy. The creation of visual stories is what I was meant to do from the time I was a girl. I majored in journalism and was a magazine editor early in my career. I have a passion for uniting words and pictures to tell a story. How I will continue to express that creative need is up in the air as technology changes and people’s expectations about all content being free via the internet has made it an untenable career financially

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