I've almost always had a camera in my hands. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me by my grandfather at the age of 5. After that first roll, I was told it was too expensive to keep wasting pictures that have the heads cut off or were blurry. Then at the age of 10, I received a 110 pocket camera when my brother was born. I think my parents thought it would distract me from all of the attention he would be getting.

I started going to 4 H club meetings for photography using my mom's 35mm and Roliflex 120 camera. Then in high school I bought a Pentax k1000 and took classes. College saw more classes and my second 35mm camera. I became a darkroom monitor and got a job photographing parties and events around campus.

After college I did some print work for local businesses and worked as an assistant manager at a local camera shop. Unfortunately that brought about a declline in photography due to the lack of time and money. I still ocasionally took pictures, but was not in the digital age yet. My father-in-law came to Philadelphia for a visit and had his new T3l. After a week of shooting with it, I decided to get one myself.

In the last 2 years, I have restarted by portrait business, have a steadily improving fine art business and can see that I am getting back to the level I used to be and am looking forward to improving and building my knowledge base. I shoot basically everything but weddings....