“What is it like being inside that head of yours?”  I’ve always had a slightly off-beat way of looking at the world and have been asked that question many times over. But how do you respond to something like that? After decades of searching, I found my answer in photography.

Photography allows me to reproduce my vision in a shareable, accessible form. Whether it’s the things I see with my eyes or my mind, I can capture a moment, a view, or a flight of fancy and relive it with those who honor me by coming along for the ride. From the things you see everyday and tend to overlook, to the absolutely extraordinary, it’s a strange and wonderful world.

I seek to share that wonder – real and imagined – in my images and inspire and embolden my students to unleash their own creativity and do the same.

Taken from her biography on https://www.medfordarts.com/sara-ascalon.html