Upload 5 images to share (we'll tell you how soon in an email) - the theme will be "How I Spent my Summer Vacation".

Contact our food coordinator via this link, Janet Hickey  and let her know what you'd like to bring in as your contribution to the table.  ALSO, let her know if you are bringing a guest.

As usual, we start our year with our social...  We connect with our friends and enjoy a meal with them.  You'll have time to socialize before the business of the year is discussed.  Enjoy the company and find out what's been happening behind your back and let's enjoy the new photographic season.  We'll do a quick clean up and settle in to share our images.

Don't forget to invite our club members to join you in your wanderings during the year.  For those of you who are not in the know, these events are usually shared on Facebook - search and follow the "Churchville Photography Club".  Post where you want to go and ask if there's any interest.  You can also post your images asking for comments or just post them for everyone's viewing pleasure.


Image by Kole Meinhart