If you are a current CPC member and you do not receive an email from Rick Kobylinski three days preceding a ZOOM scheduled meeting, please email him at rick@cooneycoil.com (copy and paste) and he will make sure to get you the Zoom link quickly.

Gather at the PC with your favorite foods to share images with our members.

Members will share images during this meeting.  Maximum four (4) images a person.
Images of your choice. Participants will have their TWO (2) MINUTES of FAME.

Virtual "doors" open at 6:45pm, meeting begins at 7pm. Click this link to join:


UPLOADING: Click on Member Login and sign in for your User Name and Password.  You will then find “Club Member Info”.  If you do not remember your UN and PW, contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose.  Provide us with a new Password (something you will remember), and we will confirm your access to the Club Member Info page once again.

Deadline: Upload a maximum of four (4) images to the CPC website by 5PM December 19th.
NAMING guidelines for our Social: Your image will be identified by using your first name & last initial, adding 01, 02 , etc. (i.e. JanetH01, JanetH02 etc).

Save images in the JPG/JPEG format and follow the sizing instructions on the uploader.  If you need assistance, contact us via the website CONTACT US link, call, or email.  When you are resizing make sure that you are saving the downsized and renamed image in a new folder for projected images (eg. CPC Projection).  This will keep you from overwriting the original.

If you need assistance, contact us via the website CONTACT US link, call, or email.