To make sure that everyone gets a chance to see the 15 Minutes of Fame programs and and interact when viewing the InterClub images, Rick has decided to add an extra CPC club Zoom meeting on Monday, June 29th.

SIGN IN EARLY around 6:45pm (Don't be late): Rick will need view the updated paid membership list and approve you to view the Zoom Meeting.

Message from Rick Kobylinski:

"Please do not share it (the link) with non-CPC members or advertise it online anywhere. We do not want our meeting link information shared with others who can hack the meetings and cause trouble. There will be a specific Zoom link sent to you by email three days before every Zoom meeting. If you do not receive it, contact me two days before the meeting ( and I will get it to you. Each meeting will have its own specific link.

During this new meeting, I would like Marlene Mendez and Steve Karp to present their 15 MOF presentations for the whole club to see and comment on.
I would like the 15 MOF presentations to lead off the Zoom meeting. Then, all of the CPC Interclub images would be shown for those who have missed the partial presentation on May 14th. In this way, we can fulfill the 15 MOF segments instead of squeezing them in with a guest speaker, then all of the 2020 CPC InterClub images can be shown.

Members who haven’t seen the partial viewing of Interclub images (in May) due to the scheduling conflict can then watch and comment. No one misses anything.

I will also be recording the Zoom meetings so I can always send a recorded meeting after the fact."