Alex Spielman submitted his image of a heron and 'dinner' to the PetaPixel Wild Personalities Photo Contest.  We first saw this image when he posted it on Facebook.  We knew it would be a winner.  His image was one of the five finalists!  Congratulations to you, and keep sharing!

Alex is one of our newer members he almost immediately volunteered for the SPOTLIGHT article.  (That's what we do! Share, inspire and encourage other photographers.)  We're going to see more of his work presented during our November 21st Fifteen Minutes of Fame program.

Excerpt from the PetaPixel website:  "Pennsylvania based photographer Alex Spielman proves that you don’t always need to travel far to photograph wildlife. Spielman describes how he captured this incredible photo close to his home. “Watching Herons fish is one of the most gratifying experiences as a bird photographer,” he says. “This shot was taken at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and captures the beauty of these birds in a very unique way. On this particular morning, after waiting for a half hour or so, this Blue Heron pulled a crayfish out of the water. The weight may have been too much, so the crayfish was thrown from the Herons mouth. This particular frame captures that whole scene unfolding, which was quite amazing to witness.”

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