I remember getting interested in photography at a very young age.  I had a Kodak Instamatic camera as a kid taking pictures of the family, neighbors, the occasional sunsets while on vacation, and summer camp.

My dad showed me my  mom’s old Voigtlander, and I was hooked.  I learned how use a bulk film loader, develop my own film, and using Bogen enlarger.  Yes I miss the smell of those chemicals.

When I was in high school, I purchased a Minolta SRT 101, and took b& w pictures for the high school year book, going to Vermont to take photographs of foliage, or snow scenes, and  my love of sunsets on Long Island.

On my trek across the pond, I took some very memorable photos (film) of the Isle of Man, where my grandparents were born, as well as trips through England, and Scotland.  It was amazing to see castles that old, surrounded by very green grass.  One of these days I will have the get the negatives transferred to a disc.  That SRT lasted about 25 years until it broke, and was not worth repairing.

As a commercial radio broadcaster who has also been in front of the television camera, as a traffic anchor, and commercial print model, I can appreciate lighting, and composition.

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