Five clubs are participating:  Cheltenham Camera Club, Churchville Photography Club, Doylestown Camera Club, Focal Planes Camera Club and Huntingdon Valley Camera Club.

We will be meeting at the Huntingdon Valley Library. 625 Red Lion Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006.
Judging will start at 7pm.  Refreshments are served so please get there a little early to greet friends and get a good seat.

  • The 2019 categories are: Black and White / Simplicity / Motion / Looking Up / Digital manipulation.
    Members can bring in up to five images for consideration in each category, and there will a vote in the meeting to narrow down the entries, then a committee will do the final selection.  If interested in being on the committee contact Rick. Images will be submitted via the club website, no later than Saturday March 16th, 5PM.
    Format: JPG;
    Size, Height/Vertical  1024px height
    OR Size, Width/Horizontal  1280px widthNAMING:..
    (make sure the # of your image is at the end)
    The 2019 categories are:
    BW - Black and White
    SIMP - Simplicity
    MO - Motion
    LU - Looking Up
    DM - Digital manipulationInstructions - Start with the category abbreviation shown above, then add your first name, last name initial and then 01, 02 etc.
    ie.,  SIMP(space)DianneR(space)01.jpg
    Actual sample -  SIMP DianneR 01.jpg   SIMP DianneR 02.jpg etc

Thank you for participating and let's show up to support our club!