Description:  Interesting subject...but what does it mean?  With regard to photography, I'd like to show you a link that gives you great examples.  (Of course, you do not have to do this with your iphone...we do have expensive cameras which should earn their keep.)

Commentator/Judge: (to be announced)


RULES: Two images total - your choice.  Both in Theme, or both in Open, or split them.  BUT only two.

Log onto the site and go to the Club Member Info (under Member Log On) and follow the instructions for uploading the image(s).

To keep your images together, start naming with your 3 initials (or last name), then add 01, 02  (eg. JLH01.jpg,  JLH02.jpg)
Clear your image catalog before uploading.  You are successful in uploading when the image shows up on your catalog screen.
Follow the projection sizing (either horizontal OR vertical) and use JPG (JPEG) as the format.

If you have questions, you can contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose...BUT don't wait until the last minute.

Deadline for submission - 5pm the Saturday before our Monday meeting.  (If you sneak it in there late, it may not show up.  But you can try!)
Do not bring it to the club to upload.  You must be in attendance when the judge views your image - with exception for unforeseen circumstances.


Image: Marty Golin - "Man in the Window"