John Strizinger has agreed to share two lessons in using Lightroom - we can start these lessons at the beginning of the meeting while you're all fresh & awake!

In July & August we plan for the next year.  We have to budget!
This meeting night will also recap our Treasurer's Report, income/expenses and we'll discuss/vote on the Planning Committee's budget for the coming year.  This budget will include various expenses/costs for setting up next year's programs and contests.  Miscellaneous expenses will be included related to our programs (ie, prize of $20 for the themed 1st place contests, Interclub expense for our judge, etc.)

We decided to share 5 images from each participating member for the Philly Trolley Trip.   What better way to include our missing members and stir their desire to join in on the fun next time!  Load them onto the website before Saturday, June 17th at 5pm.  Include your first name, last initial and 01, 02, 03 etc at the end and send them in JPG/JPEG format using our Member link.  (ie, JanetH01.jpg) LOG IN first; when completed, LOG OUT.  PS- If you send them in late, we cannot guarantee that we will capture them for the Trolley Trip slideshow.  (Marty will not be accepting individual flash drives for uploading at the meeting.


Looking forward to seeing you there! ... and at the Picnic on June 25th.