Kole entered our 2019 Annual Contest and deservedly received the Director's Award. His winning image is included in his lineup of images for this SPOTLIGHT. Let's read his article and give him a wonderful welcome to our club! With fresh vision, we see through his eyes....

"I don’t know exactly when my interest in photography started. I began with my phone camera, taking simple pictures of flowers and landscapes with no subject. This was a time before I knew how to edit and how to take a good photo. I got my first camera from my parents. It was a simple point and shoot, but having a real camera helped me improve my skills immensely. Photography stopped being a side activity and took place next to some of my favorite hobbies. After I got a job, my first big purchase was a DSLR camera (Sony a3600) and two lenses. I took a photography course in school, which helped me to push the boundaries on my creativity and technical skills. But even with everything that I’ve learned, I still search for new ideas and challenges.

Recently, I have found more people who have the same passion for photography as myself. Often you can find us out on photo shoots, from our own neighborhood to railroads to parks and everything in between. They have challenged me to find new perspectives and try out different styles with my photography. In the next, and last year, of my high school career, my friends and I are even restarting the Photography Club, which stopped a few years ago. I’m so excited, and if anyone has any advice for me, please come and speak to me. I would love any ideas you have!

I am still experimenting with different types of photography and the subject matter that I focus on. I mainly photograph nature, macro photography, and I’ve recently gotten into photographing people. In each of the areas, I have tried to work on my skills and find ways to improve on my shots. Traveling is a big part of what style I dabble in. I always bring my camera to wherever I happen to be. I find that some of my best shots are the ones that I didn’t plan for. I hope that my time in the Churchville Photography Club will open up new understandings of photography for me. And I hope that I can share the styles that have learned with other people."

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