As a full time ER Physician I use photography to escape from the daily craziness I encounter in the hospital. On my days off from work, I look forward to using a different part of my brain, being creative both through the lens and with the computer.
Like many of you in the club, I've enjoyed photography since my teenage years. My favorite subject then, which continues even today, is shooting nature in all its many forms. I especially enjoy shooting flowers and gardens, while traveling to many local venues to capture their floral beauty. Additionally, I like utilizing the low angle light of both sunrises and sunsets to alter the mood and create long shadows. Taking architecture pictures from a different perspective also captures my artistic side. Shooting silhouettes, reflections and macros also have a special artistic place. Finally, anything with bright colors seems to capture my attention; but recently I've even learned to embrace high contrast black and white. Naturally, taking vacations for me is just an excuse to find new photographic subjects!

Over the years, I've transitioned from shooting film and slides (remember them!) to now enjoying the creativity that digital provides. Using a Canon DSLR and my iPhone today, I especially love the ability to create panoramas. At home, my work is displayed on metal, as I find this brings out the colors best, with the added benefit of not fading over time. Admittedly, I am not a purist photographer, but instead enjoy enhancing, adjusting and editing pictures in order to create something special.

Most recently I've enjoyed the benefits of social media, specifically Instagram. It literally opened up a whole world full of photographers, who can appreciate my work while I both enjoy and learn from theirs. My IG gallery can be found at @DoctorCabanaBoy.

As a new member of CPC in 2017, I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow and I look forward to personally meeting everyone at our meetings.