Let's introduce you to Nanci!  Here's her journey.

I have always had a strong need to create whether in the form of writing, art, crafting or my work as a floral designer. From the time I was a young teenager I have enjoyed taking pictures on a casual level, never taking the time to learn the artistic or technical aspects of photography. I just shot what caught my interest then sent it off to the drugstore to get developed. However I "saw" pictures everywhere and contemplated photography often.

Finally in March of 2016, I decided to buy my first DSLR and set out to tackle the beast. I read and shot, read and shot and watched a lot of YouTube. The more I did the more I realized how much there is to learn. At times it was a little overwhelming, I would get way ahead of my abilities and have to take a step back. Still happens!

As a lifelong nature girl I thought surely that's the direction my photography would take. Grand landscapes, majestic trees, beautiful flowers and of course wildlife. People? No.. But strangely enough I've found that my photography gravitates toward people, events, architecture and abstracts. I still do some nature photography, but it's not the largest part of my work.

I don't really know how to describe my photographic style or vision as of yet. I will say this, when I am photographing I become completely absorbed in the moment, everything else drop away. It's almost like a form of meditation, being present and in the moment without other nagging thoughts and stresses interfering. As a quiet introvert I have spent a lot of my life observing, maybe that helps in seeing things that others may not. I try to process my photographs thoughtfully depending on how I want it to be presented. I enjoy the processing aspect and can't wait to get my photos imported and start to have fun, to see where this particular image might go.

I thought about joining the CPC for a year before I finally did and am so glad I made the decision to do so. In addition all the great people here, it has opened up a world of opportunities to learn and challenge myself as an artist. I really enjoy being part of this photographic community, meeting new people, discovering new places and ideas. I am looking forward to what lies ahead!


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