We decided to highlight and update Marc McCann under our Spotlight.  He's been with CPC since 2015 and we can really see the difference in his images.  Here's his story, in his words...

"Who is Marc McCann and why do I love photography?  To begin, I am a lover of nature.  This affair began in childhood when I was the first kid to head into the woods, climb that hill, cross that stream, or peek over that cliff. Being in a forest, especially on a beautiful or dynamic day, held an irresistible attraction for me.  Nature always provided something to explore, to look at, or to touch.  Scale didn't matter.  I was equally fascinated by a single tulip, a field of wheat, a waterfall, or a grand vista from atop a 300 foot cliff.  So yes, you could say that Marc McCann is a bit of an explorer.

As an adult, that fascination with nature never left.  I still head out into the woods and cross those streams.  I still stop to wonder at a colorful mushroom, or smile at the deer in my path, or simply breathe the cool, morning air before the summer sun breaks the horizon.  Only this time I have a camera and tripod with me.  It's like something wonderful is happening, and I want to capture it with photography.

For years, many wonderful things were captured with my camera, but I often felt that my photographs did not quite match the beauty of the actual scene.  From that personal dissatisfaction grew a desire to improve.  With the help of others, my photography went through a remarkable transformation since I first joined the Churchville Photography Club.  I still shoot the same parks, trails, and lakes.  I still have the same camera, filters, and tripod.  But now my photographs come closer to capturing the incredible beauty of nature than before.  The shots in this month’s member spotlight are the result of that pleasant change.

If anyone would like see more of my photographs, please visit my website: photography36.smugmug.com"

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