This month the spotlight is on Christopher Whalen, a new member who has generously given us the opportunity to get to know him, and view his favorite images....

"Growing up my father had a nice Canon that he took everywhere (I was not allowed to touch it 🙂 … he was a pilot (part time)… so the photos were often of far away places I could only dream of going. But I poured over the albums and imagined myself in these places.

Film photography was too high a price and patience hurdle for me growing up but when they came out with the first portable digital cameras I was carrying around stacks of 3.5” floppies everywhere! What started as more “documentation” photography morphed into a desire to make some of these pictures more pleasing to the eye.

Most of what I look for is the same feeling I got when I was a kid… to take you to a place you may not have been/seen and maybe shoot it in a way that “puts you there”. I have no training and only learned about RAW a few years ago.

I have only recently gotten to the point where I am comfortable in manual but I am fairly proficient with most video and some pic software. But the artistic quality and shear beauty of the photos on this site tell me there is SO much to learn. I look forward to it."


Christopher Whalen

I hope everyone gives a wholehearted welcome to Christopher!
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