This is Sarah's it and you can sense her love of nature and you might even feel the wind in your face.

"My picture-taking history goes back quite a ways.  My first camera was tan and used 110 film and a cube flash.  I won it in a poetry contest that I found on the back of a Razzles gum wrapper.   I was probably eleven.

I’ve always taken pictures, but until recently they were primarily historical— snapshots of family holidays, vacations, my children, and occasionally the plants in my garden.  My husband, Bob, who has a long and well developed interest in photography, always made sure I had a good quality point-and-shoot camera to use, and I have boxes full of these images.

My interest in photography as an art form was ignited after a trip to Glacier National Park in 2015.  The scenery was stunning and I took hundreds of photographs.  When I got home and looked at them I was disappointed that they did not represent the vast beauty I had witnessed.  I told Bob about my disappointment, and he responded, “You need a wide angle lens.”  And so it begins…

I gravitate towards environmental photography, and primarily shoot images of landscapes and animals.  I love to spend time outdoors, in local parks, National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.  It works well that both my husband and I share an interest in photography, and we frequently plan our vacations around photography and camping.

I enjoy showing my images to others,  getting them out of the camera to give them a chance to breathe.  This takes many forms, which I enjoy as much as taking the photos themselves.  I post online to a Nikon forum, and create cards as small works of art.  A couple years ago I exhibited a body of work focused on coastal Maine at a venue which hosted a rotating exhibit of Maine-focused artwork.  Preparing for this exhibit gave me a chance to learn more about my printer,  my preference in photo papers,  and generally gave me more confidence to show my images to others.  More recently, my husband and I collaborated on a 30th anniversary photo-video which featured 30 images from each of us, all taken in the year leading up to our anniversary.  That was a fun project!  Looking forward to 2020,  my goal is to explore sublimation printing on ceramic and metal substrates.

The journey is well underway but still new.  While I still have so much to learn about the basics and the art of photography, I’m beginning to see my vision emerge…color, lines, form, and a desire to see nature around us, one moment at a time."
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