Patti Griffith

Photography is just one of my many passions, but it is the one that brings me the most excitement and wonder in life. I will drop what I am doing in a

heartbeat to race out the door to catch a rainbow or a sunset.
When life gets to be too much to handle, I will grab the camera and go out and lose myself in the process of finding beautiful things to take pictures of.

With camera in hand and an image in my head, I can completely forget about anything pressing or stressful for the moment. It is my favorite means of escaping

everyday life. There is no other feeling on the planet like being in the right place at the right time, and capturing an image that is the same on camera as

it is in your head. The satisfaction that comes from sharing that image with others is amazing!

I really like to take pictures of anything that grabs my interest, but in particular, I love any means of outdoor photography. I especially love to take

pictures of animals, trees/water, architecture, flowers, clouds/sun, rainbows and sunsets. My idea of a perfect Saturday involves a warm, crisp day and going

off for hours at a time to see whatever my camera sees with me. I currently use a Point and Shoot and plan to get my first DSLR camera this summer.

I am relatively new to the art, I have always loved to take pictures but it really took off for me in the Spring/Summer of 2008, when I discovered the macro

setting on my camera, and started taking pictures of flowers. That graduated to sunsets, and then to anything neat I could find. I did a project two years

ago called 100 pictures in 100 days. The objective was to take 100 shots of 100 different things in 100 days. It was a wonderful learning and growing

experience that taught me to really LOOK around me; the perfect shot is just waiting, wherever you happen to be at the moment.

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