susan loscalzo

Susan Loscalzo - Artist / Photographer

I have been an artist all of my life and have worked in many different mediums, both two and three-dimensional.
The bulk of my work has been drawing and painting.   I can no longer pursue these interests because of arthritic
hands and have recently returned to photography, which I studied in college many years ago.  I have forgotten a lot
of the mechanics and am trying to relearn them.  I am extremely excited by the digital options both at the time of
and after shooting.  I am also trying to learn to take more control with my camera and not depend on automatic
settings.  To this end I purchased a Canon Rebel T3i and am enjoying it very much.  I also use a Panasonic Lumix
DMC-TZ3, which has served me very well.  I feel no loss in abandoning film, and am very excited by the new technologies, though very ignorant of most that are available.

My photo interests currently seem to fall into two primary categories.  My abstract shots do not have as much to do with the object photographed as the image created.  These photos have a very painterly quality.  Color is very important in them and I frequently enhance the colors in i-photo.  The second category reflects my training in, and love for black and white photography, and my interest in drawing.  I am striving for a Zen quality in these photographs.  I also have some photos in which I try to achieve the Zen quality using color.

In addition to my interest in photography I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing psychotherapy, counseling
and life coaching in Yardley.  I am also an eager traveler, an involved grandmother, and a gourmet cook.

Abstract rock - sgl Abstract rust II - sgl

Abstract stone - sgl Dumster lock - sgl

Forest - sgl Fountain parts

Fountain reflection - sgl Hosta - sgl

Industrial I - sgl Ivy - sgl

Leaves - sgl Metal shapes

Sculpture rust - sgl Stone painting - sgl

Zen bag - sgl


above images ©susan loscalzo

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