mickie rosen_self portrait composite
Mickie Rosen

At age 21, a 2 year "sentence" as an "army wife" in Germany seemed like a life time and major interruption to my fine art education   and a budding career as a fashion illustrator. Little did I know that I would win a Ziess Icon Camera in Germany and have the time of my life shooting pictures all over Europe. Years later a trip to Japan introduced me to Nikon 35mm film cameras and range of lenses at irresistibly low prices. Thereafter my photographic interests focused mainly on capturing my children and grandchildren as they grew, recording special occasions and wonderful vacations.  Even in those early days, I enjoyed turning macro images into abstractions that left the viewer wondering about the origin of the photo.

As a graduate from Tyler School of Art, printmaking and drawing had always been my media of choice until photography and the digital darkroom captured my interest. “Real photographers” are generally challenged to get the best shot they can in camera and want to invest as little time as possible post processing on the computer. I, on the other hand, take great pleasure in spending numerous hours (days or weeks) exploring the endless possibilities that digital technology has made available to me as a fine artist. I find that the happy accidents that occur when experimenting with the tools in Photoshop parallel the surprise and excitement that happens when pulling a print off my etching press.
Creating realistic photographic compositions is not my primary intention when I shoot. With my Canon 30D, Canon G11 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2, I collect a wide range of subjects that may be combined with other photos or elements from artwork. These mixed media works I call "Photages". I enjoy compositing and/or transforming what the camera captures, always looking for similarities in the shapes and forms in nature or structures of man. With Photoshop CS5 as my brush and photographs as my palette, I strive to create images that maintain the qualities of my drawings, etchings or silkscreen prints and give a sense of mystery and the surreal.


MLR 01_magic ride MLR 02_sign of the times

MLR 03_gate keeper MLR 04_farm yarn

MLR 05_enchanted MLR 06_watchman

MLR 07_vintage MLR 08_carousel

MLR 09_serpentine forest MLR 10_holding hands

MLR 11_trespassers MLR 12_mimics

MLR 13_beacon of light MLR 14_tender moment

MLR 15_claire voyant