Lynn Mass

I am a retired educator who enjoyed teaching for 40 years. I taught science, Chemistry, Biology and Russian at all levels and then became involved in teaching technology, working with people aged 4 to 90. I was always facinated with photography...

during these years and was the designated photographer wherever I worked or played. As the webmaster at Abington Friends School in Jenkintown, PA, I did all the photography for the website. While a full time educator, I didn't have time to develop my photography skills beyond whatever I was self-taught. Thus, I considered myself a novice photographer for 30 years (I didn't even understand the concept of aperture/F stop). Then, after retiring in 2006, I started studying Fine Art Photography in Florida with Jack Wild, a retired commercial photographer who shares his skills at the Delray Beach Old School Square Cultural Arts Center Art School. I enrolled in the Beginner's class and quickly moved to the Master class, where I now study with other amazing photographers. I love learning; photography allows me to be a life-long learner. In addition to using a conventional digital single lens reflex camera, I also photograph in digital infrared, discovering infrared images fascinating and very challenging. My lenses are Canon 50mm and18-200mm, Lensbaby (with telephoto and macro fitting) and Sigma macro. Lately, I am likely to grab my iphone to shoot if no other camera is available. I belong to two camera clubs in the Philadelphia area - Cheltenham Camera Club and Churchville Camera Club and photography study groups in Pennsylvania and Florida. I enjoy all subjects and am challenged to continue improving in the art of photography. As my mentor, Jack Wild, says: "My favorite photograph, is my next one!

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