2013 Nov-Dec - Dawn Gari

DG Dawn Gari

The SPOTLIGHT is on one of our newest members, DAWN GARI....

I was studying art education at Penn State and had to take the one class that I put off as long as I could, the dreaded photography class. I never really had an interest in photography. I took a lot of photos and was never really happy with what I ended up with....

I am a very visual person and work in a lot of mediums, fabric, glass, paint, clay, etc. I have trouble when my effort does not match my vision and my photos never matched what I saw in my mind.

My husband is a wonderful photographer and with the advancement of digital photography and computers, I am able to see my vision match more closely and I have developed a growing interest in photography. Lately I have been taking photos of animals and flowers but I like interesting patterns and  I love light and color. I try to look at the world and not just see what is there. I try to look for a different perspective that most people never look for.

I don’t know much about the technical part of photography. I take pictures of what I like and hope that I can learn something as I grow with my efforts. My husband and I decided to join the photography club because it is something we can do together. I’m still amazed that when we go take pictures together we always come up with different photos of the same thing.

DG beach

DG birds

DG clover

DG elephant

DG flowers

dg frog

DG gorilla

DG lily

DG lion

DG loveystroll

DG old main turtle

DG old main

DG orangutan

dg panda

DG reflections

DG seagull

DG squrrel

DG toby

DG windmill

DG yellow bird
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