Our newest member is Marc McCann and like many of us, he has an eye for capturing the surrounding beauty in our everyday lives.  You can see the passion and heart in his images. Let's get to know him better.  Thanks for joining our club, Marc!


I started with landscape photography as a teenager. I always loved going to local parks and historic sites, hiking through the woods, seeing old houses and gardens. In fact I was lucky to grow up across the street from a beautiful location in North Jersey- Frelinghuysen Arboretum (I credit that incredible place for sparking my interest in historic sites.) Anyway, it was during these frequent hikes that I would always see something beautiful and fascinating. Naturally (pun intended) I would try to capture that image on film. Unfortunately the limits of technology and experience yielded too many disappointing images, so I moved on to other things.

Twenty-five years later I found myself with extra time on my hands, so I decided to restart my hobby. At first I balked at the cost of entry. As you know a good digital camera, lenses, filters, and a computer are expensive. Yet I took the plunge. Five years later I am very happy with many of the images.

My philosophy when shooting landscapes is simple: I photograph what fascinates me. On a larger scale, I find great beauty in forests, water, and historic sites. However, I also find beauty on a smaller scale: perhaps a fallen leaf on a rock or a single branch overhanging a creek. The majority of my shots are taken in color ( color is great! ), but nature sometimes appears best in black and white.

Many people ask where my photographs are taken. Most of my shots are taken at locations about an hour away from my home in Northeast Philadelphia (unless we are on a family vacation of course.) Consequently, parks and historic sites in Bucks and Montgomery counties are typical destinations. Among my favorite spots are Tyler State Park, Tohickon Valley Park, Valley Forge National Park, Pennsbury Manor, and Hope Lodge (and so many more!)

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