Continue to check in on the Club Meeting link for the 2020/2021 to confirm our meeting schedule.

   Online Zoom meetings will now be the standard format of club meetings until close physical contact for group meetings is considered safe. Those club members who are not familiar with Zoom meetings are encouraged to do some computer research to learn more. Zoom meeting links will be sent out to all members a few days before the meeting.  Anyone interested in joining the Club who would like to see one of our meetings before joining please send an email to to receive the link.

As we settle into the fall season still mired in a serious pandemic, we must keep our heads up and look for ways to stay positive and put our time to good use. Learn something new about your camera, experiment with Black & White, make an effort to build confidence in your people skills when shooting portraits, get out of your photographic comfort zone and work on something new.  (Click on the dots below to read more.)

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President's Message continued...

 With an eye to that, we have made an effort in our club to offer diverse programs with our guest speakers this club year. And with the recent addition to our club schedule in June of E.J. Lazenby of Barnsley, England doing her presentation of “Photography Inspired by Fine Art”, we have now gone “International” in our scope of presenters. That is a benefit of Zoom meetings where previous impossible to afford guest speakers are willing to do a Zoom meeting for independent small photo clubs at an affordable fee. We need to take advantage of this. By the way, my wife is thrilled that I may absorb some culture from Elizabeth Jane Lazenby and her program. We’ll see.

  Other recent guest speaker additions to our schedule include Ian Haag (“Hidden Bucks County”) in March and a quirky photographer from East Los Angeles named Rafael Cardenas who has a presentation called “Photo A Day During A Pandemic”. It is a critically acclaimed project (by the LA Times) and we are excited to be able to see the program in February.

When you consider Alan Shapiro’s Flower program in January, Joe Edelman’s Portrait program in February, Betsy Wilson (Motion Photography) in March, Kah-Wai Lin (Art of Landscape Photography) in April and Brenda Tharp (Seeing Close To Home) in May and our club contests, critiques and 15 Minutes of Fame meetings, that’s looking pretty solid to me.

Exciting things on the horizon. Happy to have you all aboard. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Rick Kobylinski
CPC President