Welcome to one of our newest members, Becky!

My name is Becky Jones. I am 32 years old and have been enjoying photography for the last six or seven years. Like many people, I began by taking pictures on my phone. However, a good friend of mine was taking a photography class in college and he started explaining some of the more technical aspects of photography to me. It seemed like a fascinating hobby. The next thing I knew, I had my first camera which was a Nikon 3200.

At first I took photographs of everything and anything that I found interesting. As I have gained more experience I have discovered that the things which I enjoy photographing the most are nature, gardens, minimalistic images and architecture.

Although I have no professional training in photography, I have taken a few on-line classes. For the most part, it is just me and my camera.

Recently, I switched over to a Sony mirrorless camera because of the lighter weight which is much easier on long shooting days.