The Churchville Photography Club invites photographers to enter its Twenty-Eighth Annual Photography Contest.
Opening Reception: Saturday evening, April 13th from 7-9 pm
Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane, Churchville, PA.
Prizes and ribbons will be awarded at that time.
Exhibition hours: Saturday, April 14th through Sunday April 28th, 2019.

Refer to the Call for Entries for instructions.  Print the Entry form; complete and attach it to the back of your mat.  Entry forms and contest rules are also available at local camera shops and the Churchville Nature Center. Entries will be accepted at the Churchville Nature Center, 501 Churchville Lane, Churchville PA from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th only.

A cash prize of $150 will be awarded for Best of Show. Additional prizes and ribbons will be awarded in each of the following categories: Landscape, People, Plants, Animals, Theme (Weather), Architecture, Body of Work and Open (any image not fitting into any of the previous categories). We also have Children’s Open.  Encourage your children to enter!  Refer to the instructions on the Call for Entries for prints/fees.

This event is sponsored by The Churchville Photography Club in affiliation with the Friends of the Churchville Nature Center and the Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Here are the links to the 27th Annual CPC Contest Results for 2018 and the link to the Annual Contest award booklet.

Prior club contest results can be found under our link: http://churchvillephoto.club/category/club-contests/


Download the Meeting Contest Rules.

View results from Club Contests.

The Contest Rules are for internal contests held during club meetings. For Annual Contest rules, please refer to the Annual Contest menu item to the left of your screen. The purpose of the contest is to WIN of course!

One more thing...it is suggested that if you do not intend to be at the meeting that night, please do not enter your image. We prefer that the winning entrant's be there to accept the credit and pick up their ribbon.

The judge should provide feedback on the image.  It can be brief, but we encourage them to do so for our education and benefit. If you disagree with their judgment, you can discuss it with them after the meeting.   The photographer should not be known while the contest choices are being made.  When they choose the Honorable Mentions, 3rd place and 2nd place images, you will be asked to reveal your full name as the photographer.  First place participants do NOT announce their names until BEST OF SHOW is decided.

The following guidelines are presented to facilitate and improve upon our experience as a club, not rules to limit it. Any minor infractions that may arise can be over-ridden by the presiding officer at the meeting.

Eligibility - Open to members who have paid their current dues.

Media: We can no longer display prints; all of our images are digitally-uploaded to an FPT site.  We have a digital slide projector.  We have members who can assist in scanning a negative or slide for no charge. If you need a significant number of images scanned, please contact and visit your local photo store for these services.

The contest allows digital manipulation unless stated in the contest description. All images received should be generated from your original photographs (not a composite of elements of other images which are not your work).

Number of Entries: Due to the growth of our club, and time constraints, we allow a total of TWO (2) entries for each member. We have OPEN and THEMED categories.  If you have more than two (2) entered, we reserve the right to remove any additional images.  You may decide to enter one image in each category, or take your two images and put them in one category.
NOTE: in 2016-2017 we decided to encourage more participation in the THEMED category.  (It's a challenge!)  The 1st Place image in the THEMED category will received a $20 cash prize.

Interpretation of a contest "category": The judge may reject an image that he/she may feel does not suitably fit within the category. For example, Stars may be expected to be celestial images, but Hollywood notables or a Christmas tree ornament may be entered. We allow flexibility unless it is stated otherwise; the final decision is made by the judge.


Your digital files must be renamed, resized, and formatted as a JPG image. Remember to save your image on your computer by using ‘Save As’ and saving it into a different folder. I create a PROJECTION folder on my computer, named “Projection 1024x768 so I never have to ask what size do I save my image. Saving into this folder and renaming will safe-guard you from overwriting your original image. Follow the naming protocol which will be provided in a CPC email or in the Members Info tab.

Upload deadline - Digital images must be uploaded to the site no later than 5:00 pm the Saturday before the Contest. It is possible that if you submit your image after that time, however, we do not guarantee that the image will be in the contest - our download of the images may be later.

Notification for sending in your digital submission - You will be notified by e-mail on how to name your image or where to find the instructions.  You can start your upload at that time. The email is usually sent to the membership within 7 to14 days prior to our meeting.

Resizing: Resize your images before you upload. Any oversize images may require special handling by our web staff and it is possible that they will not have time to make the changes needed. In this case, your image may either be deleted from the Contest or it will not show properly on projection.

Digital images must be sized correctly - you use EITHER vertical or horizontal instructions; you do not need to meet both criteria.

  • Vertical images are no taller than 768 pixels (px). If your image is somewhat square, use the vertical pixel height.  (Check the horizontal side - it should be no wider than 1024 px.)
  • Horizontal images are no wider than 1024 px.
  • Images should be renamed and ‘saved in JPG format.



Awards for contests will include first, second, third, and at least one honorable mention (or 10% of the entries for the category.) Please see the club secretary before the end of the evening to pick up your ribbon(s). Our secretary is a very busy lady. You will have to chase her down and get your ribbon before she leaves the building. If you forgot your ribbon, you can send her an email via the Contact Us link on the website (under Members) and she can hold it for you.

The Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be posted to the website. Honorable mentions may or may not be posted, or they will have the image description and winning photographer’s name.

If we have scheduled an outside judge for a Contest and they do not appear, a club member who does not have a photo submission will be chosen as a judge for that Contest session.


The Interactive Critique is no longer used.  We incorporated the critique with our Contest.  Judges will be offering input on images.  If you have questions regarding your image and the comment, please hold your inquiries until the end of the contest when you can speak with the judge individually.

Every year several clubs in the area compete for a wooden Club Trophy. It's fun for every club and creates a friendly competitive edge for our club members.

View results from past InterClub Competitions.

The truth is....
We all enjoy showing our best images to other clubs and when the totals point are tallied, the club with the best 30 images wins the honor of taking the Club Trophy home ... and they get to dust it for a year. Kinda like taking the other clubs' mascot home for a visit.

The selection process on what images are chosen for the I/C is open to all members, whether you submit an image or not.

You can bring prints and/or submit digital images for projection. We need a total of 30 images (prints or digital) for our club’s submission.
NOTE: The hosting club will determine if they will accept prints.  Lately we have bee using only digital projection.

The maximum images allowed in the I/C contest by one individual is a total of five. If you belong to more than one club participating in the I/C, and you want to give each club some images, only a total of five images can be selected when they're split between the clubs. Keep this in mind when the image selections are made and let each club know if you have other images selected by another club. (Please do not submit duplicate images.)