We will need six (6) or more SPOTLIGHT members this year to fill out the 2020-2021 year.  We are looking to schedule in new members and if you've been in the club for awhile (or ages), and have never had a SPOTLIGHT placement, just let me know and I'll schedule either one (1) or two (2) months for your article and images.

It's easy...
Provide a head and shoulder image (horizontal please approximately 4x6 size, and 20 of your (projection size) images so that we can add them to the SPOTLIGHT article. You will include a short explanation of your journey - how you became interested in photography. You can add your preferred subjects and include information on your camera/lenses if you'd like.

The current SPOTLIGHT Schedule for the club terms January 2021-August 2021 & September 2021-December 2021:

September & October 2021 - Becky Jones

November 2021 - Carolyn & William Shoop

December 2021 - (TBD)

January 2022 - (TBD)

February 2022 - (TBD)

March 2022 - (TBD)

April 2022 - (TBD)

May 2022 - (TBD)

June 2022 - (TBD)

July/August 2022 - (TBD)

Link here to Review all member Spotlights!  Enjoy the images and great stories about our members' personal journeys in photography.

Interested?! Contact us to get on the schedule.