Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

SPOTLIGHT – Marty Golin – May 2022

We reintroduce Marty Golin, who inspires us with his strange and wonderful vision.  We smile often and wonder why [...]

SPOTLIGHT – February & March 2022 – Bharat Dixit

Bharat joined our club recently and gave a 15 Minute of Fame preview of his work.  I'm very happy [...]

SPOTLIGHT November & December 2021 – Carolyn & William Shoop

We are the married photography team of Carolyn & William Shoop. In our approach to photography, we both lean [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Becky Jones – July & August 2021

Welcome to one of our newest members, Becky!

Hello, My name is Becky Jones. I am 32 years old and [...]

Spotlight – Brenda Quinn – May & June 2021

My name is Brenda Quinn.  I’m a full-time Mom and also a part-time staff member at Worthwhile Thrift store [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Anna Marie DelCasale – March 2021

The image above shows Anna Marie with her husband, Nick. They are new members to the Churchville Photography [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Christopher Whalen – February 2021

This month the spotlight is on Christopher Whalen, a new member who has generously given us the opportunity to [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Nancy Gomez – mid-May to mid-June 2020

Introducing Nancy Gomez.  Read all about her journey into film and digital photography.  Thank you Nancy for taking the [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Laura Brandt – mid April-May 2020

Introducing Laura Brandt with her SPOTLIGHT story!

I grew up in the City of Rochester, NY, the heart and soul [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Scott Gordon – March 2020

One of our new members volunteered for our Spotlight for March 2020.  Read on and enjoy Scott Gordon's journey...

My [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Sarah Boser – December 2019

This is Sarah's it and you can sense her love of nature and you might even feel the [...]

SPOTLIGHT – Leigh Barras – November 2019

Leigh has been with our club for over a year and has agreed to step in for an unexpected [...]

Lily Padua – SPOTLIGHT – mid Sept thru Nov 2019

Lily joined our club shortly near the end of our 2019 meetings.  Read her story.  I'm thinking that we [...]

Kole Meinhart – SPOTLIGHT – mid July thru mid Sept 2019

Kole entered our 2019 Annual Contest and deservedly received the Director's Award. His winning image is included in his [...]

Diane Hirt – SPOTLIGHT – mid April-mid July 2019

Meet Diane Hirt.  Diane has graciously  agreed to share her images on our SPOTLIGHT.  Please take a look through [...]

Nancy Helmuth – SPOTLIGHT – mid-January 2019 to mid April

  Let's introduce you to Nanci!  Here's her journey.

I have always had a strong need to create whether in [...]

Marc McCann – SPOTLIGHT – mid Nov 2018 thru mid Jan 2019 – rediscover Marc

We decided to highlight and update Marc McCann under our Spotlight.  He's been with CPC since 2015 and we [...]

Susan Gotshall – SPOTLIGHT – mid Sept thru mid Nov 2018 – Suzan SL Gottshall


Born in North Philadelphia Suzan Schwartz, best known as Suzan SL Gottshall shares a compassion for art in many [...]

Frumi Cohen – SPOTLIGHT – July thru mid-September 2018

Meet Frumi Cohen, one of our newest members to the Churchville Photography Club.  Here's her story...

I am a born [...]

Susan Kessler – SPOTLIGHT – Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

A little about myself:

First a textile designer, then an architect, and now photographer. My life has been anything but [...]

Dutch Bagley – SPOTLIGHT – Aug thru Sept 2017

Dutch is one of our newest members and very talented.

Please log in to provide your comments and welcome him [...]

Heather Baker – SPOTLIGHT – June thru July 2017

Get to know one of our newer members, Heather Baker. Read her brief bio on her photographic journey below...

I'm [...]

Gary Glassman, M.D. – SPOTLIGHT – Mar thru Apr 2017

As a full time ER Physician I use photography to escape from the daily craziness I encounter in the [...]

Joyce Goldberg – SPOTLIGHT – Sept thru Oct 2016

I’m a relative newcomer to the field of photography.  My first digital camera was a Panasonic point-and-shoot, which I [...]