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We show are images using Adobe Lightroom.

A few simple things to remember:

  • use the jpeg format; it is the best format.
  • normal  projection size for horizontals is 1600px
  • normal projection size for more or less square images and vertical images is 1200px
  • put all the images into one folder with your name as the title
  • to keep in proper sequence, name the images using numbers at the beginning of the file name, starting with 100, 101 etc...
  • And most of all, enjoy your show!

Select Club Member Info from the menu under Member Login.
Under "Edit your club member profile" edit your email address if necessary, and in the boxes under "Change password" type your new password twice. You will be prompted to add complexity to create a strong password. Use both upper and lower case letters, numbers, underscores, and special characters (@,!,#) to
create a strong password.

Not at all. The CPC has various levels of expertise from beginners to very talented professionals. Many of our members use point and shoot cameras while others have more sophisticated SLRs.  We have members who shoot film, but most shoot digital. So, whatever your level, please, feel free to attend one or two of our meetings and consider joining our club.

We allow you to visit twice for free to get a feel for the club; the third time that you come to our meeting, you should sign up and pay your dues. The dues help us pay for our programs and club expenses during for the year.

On occasion our members will offer club/group trips - some small and large.  These are not CPC sponsored events, however, members find it educational and enjoyable to share a trip with others.  * The CPC provides a format for sharing images through member contests.  * The Interactive Critique format allows the members to share a troublesome image; feedback is open and hopefully constructive.  * Our 15 Minutes of Fame programs are presented by members and give us the opportunity to see what your interests are through your photographic images.  We can offer a program slot (1 to 1-1/2 hrs) for those club members who are more advanced in their photography and presentation skills.

Prepare a sign-up sheet and place it on our information table.  Announce the trip - who/what/when/where - and ask that members sign up.  You will be responsible for picking up your sign-up sheet at the end of the meeting and for contacting the members and coordinating the meeting place for your group.  Contact the website team to post the event on the website.

From Jim Creighton

  • Avoid clothing extremes. Generally, turtle necks and V-necks are good, as long as they don't over-power your face. Bottom line, you should dress to feel comfortable.
  • Have personal care items with you, such as brush, comb, hairspray, chainsaw (for those really bad hair days), make-up, lipstick, mirror, hair clips, etc if you think you may need them.
  • Plan to be on time or even a little early so you can put your hair in place, adjust your clothes, and RELAX. If you are feeling frazzled, it will come across in the
  • Avoid bare arms where possible. Opt for long-sleeve shirts/blouses rather than short-sleeve.
  • Avoid clothes with wild checks, stripes, and very busy patterns; especially if worn together!

Suggestions for the color of the clothes:

  • Avoid bright reds and orange (they battle your face for attention)
  • Darker colors are generally better than light colors
  • Colors like white, yellow, and pink tend to over-power the face and make the subject took too pale
  • In general, the best colors are medium shades of blue, green, burgundy, and rust.

Tip from Paul Stout: If you carry your camera with you for spontaneous shooting “just in case an opportunity arises”, make sure the battery is charged and the memory card is empty and in the camera.