Greetings Fellow Photographers,

It looks like Fall finally made it, but it will not last long. Winter is already on its way. Don't miss the opportunity to capture some beautiful color while it lasts, and start planning for all those holiday and snowy shots. If you find a great location, feel free to share it with us.
Our year got off with a bang. We saw some wonderful images of what everyone did over the summer, and have already had two great guest speakers. We learned about the horrors of the sex trade in Mexico, and the beauty of the Pine Barrens right here in New Jersey. Next up is the always popular 15 Minutes of Fame, when four members get to show off their stuff.
And don't forget, coming soon is our holiday party. Bring in something scrumptious to eat, and a few images to share.

As you are preparing images for the social, and the next contests and critiques, remember that the new projector purchased last year allows for the use of larger sized images. The new requested sizes of images for projection will be 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high.

While you're  thinking, if you have any suggestions for things you want to try during our workshop night, or places you want to go on field trips, let us know.
In the Spring, we have our annual print contest, and then the ever popular Inter-Club competition, with five local clubs trying to win the coveted wooden camera trophy.
Here's looking forward to a great year!
Susan Rachlin

We have a great schedule put together this season.

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