Click here for the 2016/2017 meeting schedule.  If you have suggestions for programs for the 2017-2018 term, please Contact Us! We will be working over the summer months of July & August to set up next year's schedule!  Sign up to join the Planning Committee to assist in scheduling our programs and judges for the coming year.  You can contact Susan Rachlin - our 2017-2018 president elect.

SEE YOU AT THE PICNIC JULY 25TH.  We'll discuss the Planning Committee budget for 2017-2018 at that time.

The Philly Trolley Trip on May 21st, Sunday was quite a success...not a seat left on that bus!  Thank you Joe for driving us and watching our gear while we were running around Philly.  These images will be shared at our last meeting.   See the agenda for the last meeting of 2017 to the right.....

NEW - The SPOTLIGHT features Heather Baker for June/July.  Dutch Bagley, another new member, will be featured in August/September.  You can contact me using the Contact Us link on this website or email me direct... by now you have my new gmail account information.

 Janet Hickey


We had fifteen members sign up the 2016-2017 Planning Committee during the summer break: Kathi DiTanna, Sue Rachlin, Dianne Rose, Marlene Mendez, Marty Golin, Elaine Barkan, Joyce Goldberg, Jean McKenna, Wendy Brusca, Scott Peterson, Paul Stout, Sharlene Holliday, Joe Connett, Randy Kane, Jean McKenna, and Marty Malgieri.  Brainstorming with this group was so easy.  Thank you everyone!

Inquiries can be sent through the "Contact Us" link (below) which is sent to the web personnel, Secretary - Dianne Rose (or me) and John Stritzinger.  We check emails daily.


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