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Updated President’s Message (May 7, 2020) - Zoom Practice Meeting Thurs, May 14th - 7PM

After two months of an unprecedented pandemic, uncertainty and social isolation, the Churchville Photography Club is taking steps to use online Zoom meetings to jump start the remainder of the meeting schedule for this club year. We have received confirmation from all three remaining guest speakers that they will present their programs via our Zoom meeting format. Online Zoom meetings will now be the standard format of club meetings until close physical contact for group meetings is considered safe. Those club members who are not familiar with Zoom meetings are encouraged to do some computer research to learn more. (Click on the dots below to read more.)

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President's Message continued...

We will be having a Zoom test meeting on Thursday, May 14th at 7 pm to look at selected images (see schedule below) but mainly, to give everyone a chance to gain some Zoom experience.

I will be emailing the link to attend all future Zoom meetings three days before each meeting to every member in the club. At a few minutes before 7 pm on those meeting nights, you just click on the link in the email, follow the prompts and you will automatically join the meeting. A camera on your computer is not necessary since you will be viewing the screen content provided by the host or guest speaker for the presentation. To get the most out of Zoom meetings though, you really should have a camera on your computer or device. It will allow you to be seen by the other members in a grid format. Not live face to face contact but we will be able to see whose hair has grown the longest since we last met up.

More information will be sent out in email form to members as we proceed down this new path. Please bear with me as we try to negotiate the problems and glitches that we all know will come. But it will be worth it. Learning and live interactions are the goal. If you are a current CPC member and you do not receive an email from me three days preceding a scheduled meeting, please email me at and I will make sure to get you the Zoom link quickly.

This is our confirmed meeting schedule as of now:
Thursday, May 14th 7 PM Practice Zoom meeting / Interclub images and possibly 15 Minutes of Fame (MOF) images.
Monday, May 18th 7 PM Zoom meeting with Guest Speaker Ellen Rosenberg, “The Art of Illusion”
Monday, June 1st 7 PM Zoom meeting with Guest Speaker Don Rosenberger, “Light Painting”
Monday, June 15th 7 PM Zoom meeting with Guest Speaker Joe Edelman “Critiques Suck! And so forth”
(NEW) Monday, June 29th 7 PM Zoom meeting - 15 Minutes of Fame and InterClub image submissions

Let’s get back up and running. It’s been too long.
Rick Kobylinski
CPC President