Every year we would take a trip to the Lambertville Farm in August.  The farmer would plant rows of sunflowers and stagger them so that they'd grow over several weeks.  The front row would be ready in late July or early August and we'd be able to visit again in late August or early September.  We would recon before the trip to make sure that the sunflowers had been planted.

You see, the owner loves sunflowers.  He'd plant several rows at different times so that the sunflowers don't bloom all at once.  He enjoys seeing people walk to his field to take pictures.  He places a small water bucket in the front of his house where you could buy cut sunflowers; you'd put 50 cents in the tin.  He's familiar with our group; he only asks that if there's going to be a group, we give advance notice of our visit.

We usually wake up before dawn and drive to the field.  The wind warms up and air currents start stirring the sunflowers.  After enjoying our friends and gathering beautiful images, we'd go out to a late breakfast together.

Here are some images from the trip in 2002...

anita-4   barbara_w_setting_up_1   bernie_e_selects_1

janet_sunflwr2   janet_sunflwr3   sunflowers4dblcraq 

  sunflower-11   sunflower-08forchurchville 

sunflowers6dbldiffclds    collage-churchville-news1

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