About 10 members took a spring excursion out to Lancaster to see the Ephrata Cloisters and shoot the restored buildings of the 18th century religious community, and the spring blooms.  We had a behind-the-scenes tour with a very accommodating docent who let us wander in and photograph the rooms
at will.

An unexpected bonus of the day was the sight of a hawk swooping down on a rabbit only yards away, then sitting calmly within shooting range as many of the members crept closer and closer to watch and photograph the birds. This was a real opportunity for those who do not normally get a chance to have such a fine specimen within range of their shorter telephoto lenses.

Of course a lovely lunch at a nearby restaurant was on the schedule, then we visited a crafter's mall before returning home.  For more information on the cloisters see  www.ephratacloisters.com

Photographs by Anita Fanic, Janet Hickey, Marlene Mendez, Susan Rachlin, and Dianne Rose

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