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Bill Stroup - Langhorne, PA

I got my love of photography from my father.  As a small boy, I remember his pre-World War II Agfa and his hand-held light meter!  My photography was snapshot oriented using the family Kodak or whatever was available.

In the early 80’s I decided to move up to 35mm, bought a Canon AT1 at Allen’s Camera Shop, and used it for travel and family pictures.  Although, I used it on occasion, my interest in photography languished for 25 years as family and career took center stage in my life.

When digital arrived on the scene, I was not interested until my daughters decided I needed a new challenge and gave me a camera as a present.  After using it for a while, I decided this was the way to go so I made the big step to a digital SLR.  Again, Allen’s Camera Shop was where I went to get my Nikon D80 in October 2008.  They had a flyer from Churchville Photography Club and told me I should check out the club if I wanted a place to learn more.  They were so right! I’ve enjoyed all aspects of the club and have learned so much!

I wanted to do more than take snapshots.  I decided to get serious about photography and expand my creativity.  I embarked on a journey of learning, experimenting, and, in general, a full immersion in all aspects of photography.  The internet has been an excellent guide and pointed me in all directions.

Books have been an inspiration and have helped in my understanding of camera mechanics, composition, color and light.

In February 2010, I took a big step, went to the Santa Fe Workshop, and studied with the eminent photographer, Jay Maisel.  His weeklong workshop “Light, Gesture, Color, and Perception” was challenging, intimidating, and exactly what I was looking for!  I have also had the opportunity to study with Rick Wright and David Simchock, two local photographers.

I enjoy making images of all kinds; travel, street, people. I now use a Nikon D7000, print my own photos and based on our recent club meeting will now mat and frame my images. I wonder what’s next on this journey!


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