Jennifer Cathcart Linda

Ansel Adams has always peaked my interest and inspiration for photography through his landscapes. When I had to choose an elective in both high school and college I was positive photography would be perfect. I loved every aspect of both classes and thoroughly enjoyed the full darkroom experience.  Developing your own film with the great chance of destroying your hard work while rolling it completely in the dark was always a stressful but enjoyable moment.  You just never knew what you were going to get and hoped you wouldn’t mess it up…. especially the unknown of “Did I capture what I wanted to and was it at the right exposure?”

In 2005 we took 2 trips:  Idaho & Aruba.  Both places provided many opportunities for me to go crazy with my digital Sony Mavica which I treasured so much at the time.  I still have that camera and it works perfectly fine.  Idaho was a trip we took with our dear friend Skip Hill, he was known as the Hot Spring Guru in the western region, author of the Hot Spring Gazette, and he too had a love of photography.  We hopped off the plane (our luggage was lost - of all places for this to happen), met up with Skip, and went on a weeklong camping trip in the middle of the wilderness allowing us to soak in 22 hot springs.  I never thought Idaho would be so beautiful offering so much more than just delicious potatoes as everyone teased me about when learning of our destination plans.  Aruba was just plain beautiful, from the beautiful blue water to the sunsets.  A storm had come through so fast one day and the background clouds were so deep and dark making my beach scene pop out and look like an unusual shot.

Since these trips I have been avidly trying to capture anything and everything that peaks my interest.  From rainbows to fireworks, birds, flowers, water, seasons, sunsets etc.  My latest has been fog which is difficult indeed, but at the same time new and exciting.  Loving to learn new things and loving a camera definitely are two that go hand in hand.  There are so many endless opportunities that make it so exciting.  Once you get that shot which you think is the best picture you have ever taken, the next year you look at that very same photo and think the complete opposite curious as how you can capture something ten times better.

Within the past year I was given the most amazing compliment I have ever heard.   I was pointing at a flower in a tree off in the distant woods while walking into work on day when my co-worker said “I would love to see the world through your eyes.”  I was completely taken back and thought to myself WOW, I really do look at things in a completely different way than most people.  I guess you could say it is the little things that make me happy.

Most of my hobbies include anything outside and having to do with nature.  Camping, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and finding new places to explore are definitely favorites.  My husband purchased kayaks for us this past summer and I really just can’t get enough.  The photo opportunities on water are so different with all the reflections of trees and wildlife that can really sneak up on as you glide across the water.   I probably shouldn’t bring my Nikon D5000 with Telephoto lens or my iPhone with me.  I do have an Olympus water resistant down to 33’ deep & 6’ shockproof camera which would be perfect for the water but no, I have to have all of my electronic toys with me leaving none behind.  Most people worry about clothing when packing for trips, me?  It’s all about the electronics, cameras, chargers, memory cards, etc.  So if ever you walking in a park and you see someone in the water with a camera in one hand yelling “Help!”, it’s probably me.  Please save the camera first!!!

This is my first year as a member of the Churchville Photography Club.  I am so excited every time we meet just to be surrounded by people of the same interest, I find myself leaving there on Monday nights hurrying to get to my photos
and try everything I had just learned.  What an exciting club, I am so happy to be a part of it and meet all of you who also look at the world through a different eye.


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