The InterClub competition for 2013 was held on May 21st at the Cheltenham Arts Center, hosted by the Cheltenham
Camera Club

Other clubs competing this year were Focal Planes, Doylestown, Churchville, and Huntingdon Valley, returning after
a few year's absence.

Judges were Dan Creighton, Dafydd Jones  and Rick Richael.  Each club submitted 30 images, and this year prints
far outweighed the digital images 99 to 51.

The final tally was:
Doylestown  - 720 points

Huntingdon Valley - 698 points

Churchville - 678 points

Cheltenham - 666 points

Focal Planes - 653 points

The top scoring images for each club (in alphabetical order) are as follows:


2013ccc Love in air

Rita Ludwig - Love is in the Air -- 26 points


2013ccc seif_0001

Ellie Seif -- Can you hear me?  -- 26 points

Churchville Photography Club

2013cpc jc_0001

Jim Creighton - Porpoises at play - 28 points (TIED FOR HIGH SCORE OF THE CONTEST)


2013cpc mg_0001

Marty Golin - Backlit plant - 26 points



2013rushland train station2

Chris John -- Rushland Train Station - 26 points



Linda Helstrom-Prisco -- Fade to Black - 26 points


2013roedan photogrpaher

Carolos Roaedan -- The Photographer -- 26 points


2013fonthill in snow

Mark Shegda -- Fonthill in Snow -- 26 points

Focal Planes

(Image unavailable)
Gerardo Konig -- Steps in Black and White - 27 points

2013c9 sw17 cannon fog sunrise

Steve Waite -- Cannon in the mist -- 26 points

Huntingdon Valley

2013hv ga_0002

Greg Adams - Airport Concourse - 28 points  (TIED FOR HIGH SCORE OF THE CONTEST)


2013 after rehearsal

Greg Adams - Afternoon rehearsal - 26 points

2013hv v stein mockingbird in berry tree

Val Stein - Mockingbird and berries - 26 points