The 2015 Interclub Competition was hosted by Huntingdon Valley Camera Club on April 29th, 2015 at the Hungtingdon Valley Library on Red Lion Road.

This year the contest was among five clubs and each club provided 30 images, divided into five categories.  The final scores were:

Cheltenham 631 points

Churchville 600 points

Huntingdon Valley 596 points

Focal Planes 583 points

Doylestown 580 points


Churchville's entries were:



20 points Barry Good Phila Art Museum “Stormy Skies”



21 points Barry Good    “Fonthill, Rear Facade”


Industrial pipes

22 points Bennett Povlow “Industrial pipes”


Looking up at Longwood

19 points Michael Hickey  "Looking Up at Longwood"


Abandoned water slide

21 points Tom Gari “Abandoned Water Slide”


The Wait

21 points Wendy Brusca  "The Wait"


Creative Interpretation

Wintry woods

19 points Anita Fanic "Wintry Woods"



21 points Dianne Rose Dahlia


Ricketts Smokies montage

21 points Michel Hickey – "Ricketts / Smokies Montage"


Cades Cove dreamscape

18 points Michael Hickey – "Cades Cove Dreamscape"

Heavenly music

22 points Sandra Uzelmeier “Heavenly Music”


22 points Sandra Uzelmeier Violin



Lizard and fern

18 points Joyce Goldberg "Lizard and Fern."


Blue Poppy

18 points Janet Hickey “Blue poppy”


Orchid spray

21 points Janet Hickey “orchid spray”


White bleeding heart

19 points Kathy DiTanna “white bleeding hearts”


Material culture

20 points Sharlene Holliday "Material Culture"


Forgotten characters

23 points Sharlene Holliday  "Forgotten Characters".






18 points Anita Fanic "Sophia"


Little girl

20 points Janet Hickey “Little girl”


Deep in thought

19 points Marlene Mendez “Deep in thought"


with LL Bean shoe

18 points Marty Golin “Sheltie and boot”

Heres looking at you

18 points Sandra Uzelmeier “Here’s Lookin’ at you”


Staring contest

18 points Wendy Brusca "Staring Contest"




Cranberry Glade

20 points Anita Fanic "Cranberry Glade"


Storm over a farmhouse

23 points Bennet Povlow “Storm over a farmhouse”


Mountains river sky

21 points Bennet Povlow Mountains river and sky


Early morning at Silver Lake

18 points Susan Rachlin “Early Morning at Silver Lake”



19 points Tom Gari “East Indiaman In The Fog”


Winter Story

22 points Wendy Brusca  "A Winter Story