"Weather" is one of this year's Interclub categories, so here's your opportunity to create, share and learn more about this type of image.

Instructions for uploading your images are below.  You can enter two images. Choose to put both in either WEATHER or OPEN or split your two images by adding only one into each category.  The deadline for uploading is 9PM on Saturday Jan 16th.  Images uploaded after that time may not be included in the contest entries.

Our Judge/Critiquer will be a local, well-known photographer, Paul Grecian. This is an excerpt from his website:

"In 1995 I began an adventure into the art and craft show venue. In 2003, it became clear that in order to continue to create the kind of imagery I desired, and to have full control over the process (from printing to framing), I would need to devote myself further to the endeavor. Starting on January 1, 2004, I began a new path as a fulltime artist working with the medium of photography. Through shows I have befriended other artists and have had the opportunity to interact with collectors of my work. This ability to talk with, and gain feedback from patrons with a shared vision and regard for nature, makes shows the most satisfying work in which I've ever engaged. In 2009 I was invited to join the artists at Artists' Gallery in Lambertville, NJ and have been exhibiting and selling my work there to both new and previous collectors."

Get to know his artistry and experience; visit his website: http://www.paulgrecianphoto.com/

Naming your uploaded files:

  • Prefix images with either W (for Weather) or O (for Open) then your initials and image number for example W-DER01 or O-DER01.  If you choose to put both entries in one category name the second 02

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