The evening program was a contest with the categories of SHADOW and OPEN.
Our judge was Valerie Pfaff  - website:

SHADOW – 30 entries

1st Nanci Hellmuth – Orange curtain and shadow

2nd Marc Snyder – Corn crib at Valley Forge National Park

3rd  Rich Coniglio – Morning light

HM – Sherry Resnick – Blue Window with thatch roof

HM - Sherry Resnick – Orange wall with shadow

HM – Kathy DiTanna – Beach Love


OPEN – 20 entries

1st – Ron Forsstrom – Rust never sleeps BEST OF SHOW

2nd – Jack Fedorko -  Mannikins

3rd – Sara Pinkus – Lady Mummer

HM – Dianne Rose – Grounds for Sculpture Lotus seed heads

HM – Marlene Mendez – Who Goes there? (FontHill)