This is our second scheduled competition of the year.  One more contest will be held in April.

Each member can submit up to three (3) images total, with a maximum of two (2) images in one category.

Our judge will be Valerie Pfaff  - website:

Deadline for upload: Saturday, January 18th, 5:00pm

Downsize your selected images and upload as follows:
Your uploading instructions are provided on the website re image size and suggestions.
- LOG IN by clicking on Member Login, and select Club Member Info on the drop down list.
(PS- If you don't log in, you won't find the hidden info that is just for our  members use.)  When you complete your upload, LOG OUT.  Follow the directions.

Image format: JPG/JPEG
Name: SHADOWS:  Use SHAD (then your first name and last initial) DianneR (then 01, and 02 if using 2 in that category);
or          OPEN: Use OPEN (then your first name and last initial) DianneR (then 01 and 02 if using 2 in that category)
eg. - Your image name should look like this (space after category):  SHAD DianneR01 (and 02 if there are 2 in that category), and OPEN DianneR01 (and 02 if needed).



Image by Janet Hickey