The contest for October 19th was judged by Barbara Warren.  The categories were Black and White and OPEN.

Blank and White (50 entries)

1st Marlene Mendez – “Seeing in Shapes  (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd Sandy Uzelmeier – stairs and glass building with reflections


3rd – Steven Karp – Bridge at night with reflections


HM – Sandy Uzelmeier – Ceiling arches

HM – Joyce Goldberg – Wrapped stones

HM – Rich Coniglio – window blind shadows

HM – Wendy Brusca – Skull in the leaves


OPEN – 27 entries

1st – Frumi Cohen – Red Sky at Forsythe


2nd – Marlene Mendez – “Daydreamin’

3rd – Laurie Santoro – Blue bridge

HM – Steven Karp – Seventh Ward of Phila mural

HM – Michael Hickey – Fog rising hit by sun

HM – Dutch Bagley – abstract kaleidoscope

HM – Sharlene Holliday – Rusted metal panels with leaf