The evening’s program was a contest (with critique) by Jim Christensen   -    Jim worked at the I B M research center developing imaging software  From the website : He has a deep technical background in digital imaging theory and software as a result of his career as a research scientist at IBM were he created firmware and image processing software for one of the world's best (and first) digital colorimetric cameras (in the 1980's and 1990's)

The contest was FLOWERS and Open

Flowers ( 39 entries)

1st  Laura Brandt  Allium Shadow

2nd Sherry Resnick  Mirror Mirror

3rd Michael Hickey  Black and white Tulip

HM  Becky Jones  Lilypads

HM Rich Coniglio  “Hello Iris”

HM Sara Pinkus Dandelion

HM Kathy DiTanna   Dandelion in motion

HM Marty Golin   Gerber daisies entwined

re-processed 2021

Open  (26 entries)

1st Laura Rainville   The Fisherman  (Best of Show)

2nd Elaine Barkan   What’s Outside the Window?  

3rd Nanci  Hellmuth Reflections of three masts

HM Rich Coniglio   “Leaves in the Rain”

HM Kathleen (Kathy) Vivaldelli  Mountain skyline at sunset