Greetings Members!

     Our Fall Social that will take place this coming Monday, September 20th. It will be a different type of Social than in the past due to the lingering Covid problem. It will be a hybrid Social, in-person or by Zoom. Members who have been vaccinated are invited to attend the Social in person at the Churchville Nature Center. We will maintain proper distancing with the tables set up at appropriate spacing. In the past, members have brought special food or desserts to eat and share. This year, we ask that you bring food for yourself only if you care to eat anything there. We are discouraging the shared covered dish concept for this meeting.

Soft drinks, bottled water and coffee along with store-packaged desserts will be provided. Members can socialize as they like with those in attendance. The in-person Social will start at 7:00 PM.  At 7:30 PM, I will start a Zoom meeting for those who would like to attend the meeting virtually. The Zoom screen will appear up on the projection screen at the Nature Center and we can start reviewing the images.

IMAGES FOR UPLOAD: The Zoom attendees and the people attending live at the Nature center will review images submitted by members. We usually ask members to upload up to 5 images that represent what you did on summer vacation. Of course, you can upload any image you want. No theme necessary. 
DEADLINE: Upload to our website by no later than Saturday, September 18th.
NAMING & SIZING: Dianne Rose asks that members label their images in a specific way with their first name, last initial and the number of the image. This will keep them in order in a digital file to eliminate mix up during viewing. As an example, if I uploaded five images, I would label them as follows: RickK 01, RickK 02, RickK 03, RickK 04 and RickK 05. In that way, all of my images would be shown consecutively.
Please follow this guideline.  (If you are confused, please contact Janet Hickey and/or Dianne Rose.  I am sure you have their email addresses from prior emails sent to you.)

    The overall club schedule for this year is being firmed up as we speak. We have four contests scheduled during the club year, The themes for this year’s contests are “Motion” on October 18th, “Fall Colors” on January 17th,  “Seeing Red” (interpret it as you will) on March 21st and Architecture on May 16th.  Each Themed contest we will also have an Open category for images that don’t fit the theme. As a member, you can submit up to two images in each Category for each contest.  We’ll see how that goes. We will also have two club image critiques this year with outside critiquers. I’m sure that we will address image selection sometime during the club year for our entries into the Interclub Contest, a contest between several Delaware Valley photo clubs for bragging rights.  I believe the Interclub Contest is scheduled for next spring.

     The club schedule this year contains some excellent guest speakers with exciting presentations including Still Life, Macro & Nature, Architecture, Landscapes and off the wall subjects including getting excellent images on your mobile phone. We are also interested in a meeting to discuss various photo editing software products by an expert in the field. Post processing of images is so important to most of us and we should know what works and what is available out there. The schedule will firm up shortly and it can be fluid as the situation dictates. Keep checking the Club Meetings link under the Club Info Menu on our website to keep abreast of the latest upcoming speaker or club event. I will notify the membership by email if the schedule changes.

     I look forward to seeing you either in person at the Churchville Nature Center or on the Zoom end of it on Monday evening. I will send the Zoom link invitation out to the membership on Friday evening. Don’t forget to upload your images and label them as shown above by Saturday. Until then, stay safe & well.

Rick Kobylinski
President, CPC