Don't wait for Saturday to upload....upload your images now!

DEADLINE: Submit your images by Saturday, February 19th 5pm

We can upload two (2)  images for input.  Members will critique.

We are looking for the 'not perfect/needs input' images.  The photographer will identify their concern with the image and hopefully obtain input on how to make the image better, getting some positive input.  As this is an interactive critique, each image will briefly be discussed with the maker; this will take a few minutes for each image.

SIZING:  Vertical images are no more than 1200px high OR horizontal images are no more than 1600px wide.   Keep an eye on the max size before you save and name it in your CPC folder.  NOTE: Using your resizer, use the quality slider so that the image is no more than 2.3MB.  Then name it and save as a jpg file.  The uploader may reject the image if oversized.  In this case, just go back to he original and reduce the size again by using the quality slider.
NAMING:  The naming is simple for a critique.  Just use your first name, last initial and add the number at the end.  Use 01 (and 02) at the end.  Then save as a '.jpg', or '.jpeg' and upload to the website.  (ie., JanetH 01.jpg) 

UPLOAD:  Go to the Member Log In (upper right corner) and click on it.  Do not use the drop down yet.  A white box will show up and you must enter your User Name and Password.  Once you are in, move your cursor to the drop down and click on Club Member Info.  After the instructions, you can find the uploader near the bottom of the page.  Clear the older image(s) shown in your web catalog by deleting them.  Once clear, choose your image and click to upload.  You should be successful.

If you need assistance, you can contact Janet Hickey or Dianne Rose.