The judge is Mark Schermeister who presented the program in October, "Guide for Shooting Fall Colors". We welcome him once again!

DEADLINE: Submit via the CPC uploader NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th 7PM.  (We may be late in uploading, so you might take a chance if you're a little late and upload.  However, better sooner than later!)

NAMING: You may submit a total of 4 images; no more than two in one category. Use the TITLE of the category first (FALL or OPEN), then add your FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL, and number 01 and 02. Use a description of what you see (something simplistic please).
EXAMPLES --- FALL MartyG01 flowing water , OPEN DianneR01 panoramic sunset, etc. The judge will not see these titles. Descriptions can be added later. If you win a 1,2,3rd place or honorable mention, you can email Dianne the title you want for the website results.

SIZING - Please save your images as .jpg or .jpeg and size images no taller than 1200 pixels for vertical or square images and no wider than 1600 pixels for horizontals. The total FILE SIZE to upload should be under 2M.
(NOTE: Watch the "Image Size" total on your resizer when saving your image.) If the image is not accepted by the uploader, the size is usually the problem. Delete the image off the uploader catalog (on the left if it shows up). Go back to your image file and downsize the image once again by lowering the 'quality' slider and try to reload. If you have any additional problems, you can contact Janet Hickey.

If you have questions, you can call or email Janet Hickey or contact Dianne Rose.
Thanks, and hope to see your submissions!