RED (or ANGER) had 39 entries


1st  Marlene Mendez   “Reality vs. Reflection”


2nd  Frumi Cohen   “Color, Lines and Sparrow”


3rd  Marlene Mendez  “Red on Red Times Square” 


HM  John Stritzinger  "Delivery Steps" 

HM  Laura Brandt  "Ladybug"

HM  Anita Fanic  “An Illusion in Red” 



1st  Kathy Vivaldelli  "Church Doorway in Cuba" (BEST IN SHOW)


2nd  Marty Golin  “Stalk & Shadow” 


3rd  Joyce Goldberg  "Abandoned Piano"  


HM  Joyce Goldberg  "Longwood Gardens Pipe Organ"


HM  Marty Golin  "Shoes and Shadow"